Blind Bartamaeus
- by Sue Seaman -
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Blind Bartimaeus sat there begging
Beside a dusty road
He sat there all alone
Outside a town called Jericho

Then one day an excited crowd
Walked passed the road nearby
Bartimaeus could not see what was going on
He could only sit and sigh

Then somebody told him
“Jesus of Nazareth is passing through”
He shouted out immediately
It was all that he could do

“Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy upon me”
The people tried to quieten him
But his shouts were even louder
In fact as loud as loud could be

Jesus heard the poor blind man
He cared for folk like him
And made his way across the road
Fresh hope to him He’d bring

Jesus asked the blind man
“What would you have me do?”
“Lord, that I might receive my sight
So I may follow you”

And Jesus said unto him
“Go, your faith has made you whole”
And immediately he received his sight
And followed Jesus – this his goal

Read the whole story in
Mark Ch10 vv46-52

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