A Woman Baked a Cake
- by Sue Seaman -
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An Old woman and her son
Were busy with some tasks
A Prophet of the Lord
Just happened to walk past.

He said his name was Elijah
And that he was looking for some food
The woman told him Im a widow
Were poor and hungry too.

But Elijah told her something
That sounded very odd
He said you must bake a cake for me
This is the word of God.

The flour you have will be enough
And the Oil in the jar will not fail
For God's provision goes on and on
There will be plenty for you and for your son.

So she came to him and told him
That she would do her very best
To make something tasty
From the little she had left.

She baked him cake, to serve as bread
And gave Elijah enough to be fed
He was hungry and began to eat
This food an extra special treat.

Elijah thanked her - she was pleased
But before he was about to leave
She told him of her son near death
As tears in her eyes, she now wept.

Elijah prayed over her son
He offered prayer up to the One
He knew would heal and make him well
And the widow woman would then tell

That her son did not stay dead
But God raised him to life to live instead.
God answered prayer she knew it meant
That Elijah was heaven sent.

Read the whole story in
1 Kings Ch17 vv 9-24

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