Jacob's Dream
- by Sue Seaman -
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Jacob nodded off to sleep
But not because he counted sheep
And as the sleep came over him
He saw a ladder in his dream

The ladder stretched from earth to heaven
Far above the clear blue sky
And angels there ascending and descending
To the earth from heaven on high

God showed Jacob as he slept
A picture of His Son who wept
He is the ladder from God to man
The Son fulfilled the Fatherís plan

To be the Way back from our sin
By trusting Christ, by seeing Him
As Godís way to Him on high
Accepting Jesus when He died

The Saviour, who became the Way
When He died upon the cross that day
He bridged that gap from Man to God
That ladder is the Living Word

Read the whole story in
Genesis Ch28 vv11-15

and see also
John Ch1 vv50-51

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