The Sisters
- by Sue Seaman -
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Mary and Martha were sisters
And shared everything together
The chores they covered everyday
Brought little time for pleasure.

One day when rather busy
Jesus came into their home
Martha kept on working hard
Which kept her on her toes

Mary on the other hand
Just sat at Jesusí feet
Enjoying her Lordís fellowship
Which was a real treat

Jesus told her stories
Things for her to treasure
Taking in such wonderful thoughts
Gave her joy and pleasure

Martha now made a fuss
Mary left her all the mess
Jesus said to Martha
Why not stop and take some rest?

Jesus went on to say
ďMary has chosen the better partĒ
She wanted to learn more of Him
And to store it in her heart

Martha needed to learn a lesson
To value Godís Word more
Instead of taking her thoughts off Jesus
And thinking of her chores

Read the whole story in
Luke Ch10 vv 38-42

Come unto me all ye are cumbered and heavy laden And I will give you rest.

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