Paul and Silas - Singing in adversity
- by Sue Seaman -
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Men took Paul and Silas
And threw them in a cell
Their hopes for a reprieval
Were not going very well.

The darkness was upon them
And they were chained and bound
They were also tired and hungry
With only squeaks from mice around

Paul and Silas so did sing
Lifting praise to God and King
Singing voices loud and shrill
Forgetting they were prisoners still.

But God heard voices loudly singing
The hallelujahs that were ringing
As they praised their God on high
A Prison guard then walking by

Felt the ground begin to shake
And then the walls and doors did break
He saw that cells were open wide
And thinking no-one was inside

He took a sword to kill himself
But Paul cried out “harm not thyself”
For we are here – we did not leave
There is no reason you should grieve.

For just as God has made us free
So He would have you to be
Paul and Silas told him how
The guard said: “May I receive Him now”

The Prison guard heard such good news
That his whole family changed their views
They heard the gospel and with glee, said:
“Lord we believe - we’ll follow Thee.”

Read the whole story in
Acts 16 vv 23-32

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