The Sick Man and his friends
- by Sue Seaman -
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Four friends felt unhappy
About a friend they knew
He was a paralytic
But hope was growing too.

They had heard a man named Jesus
Had just arrived in town
He was doing mighty miracles
And so the word had got around.

The friends just left their chores
For their friend laid up in bed
“We’ll take him to see Jesus.”
For they believed the things He said

So they laid him on a stretcher
And they left and closed the door.
And came to a place where Jesus
Was healing people, by the score

But there were far too many people
To enter through the door
So they had a think and thought
They had better think some more.

They almost took their friend back home
But they loved him, of a truth
And the thinking and the thoughts paid off
“We’ll drop him through the roof!”

So up the stairs they took him
They had a plan, you see
Too lower him to Jesus
Where safe and healed he’d be.

They made a hole just big enough
To pass their friend right through
To just where Jesus was
They couldn’t get a better view

They lowered down the stretcher
The friends upon the roof
Jesus looking up saw faith
Their actions was the proof

Jesus looked upon the man
And said: “Your sins are gone”
But words like this – forgiving sins
Made the Priests say “Wrong!”

“Only God forgives our sins
- This man is truly bad”
But Jesus showed the hypocrites
The power that He had

“So you know I have power to forgive”
“Man, take your bed, arise!”
“Take up your bed, and walk,” He said
(Which took folk by surprise.)

Only Jesus could help him
Told him to leave his bed
Every word of Jesus
Is the truth in what God said.

Jesus words were powerful
They made the lame to walk
But the Pharisees and rulers
Did nothing – only talk.

Jesus did many miracles
That story is just one of them
He came to heal all people
And He’s the same today, as then!

Read the whole story in
Mark Ch2 vv1-12

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