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By Sue Seaman

The year had seen a terrible time
With everything in decline
The recession had reached everyone
It was a stressful time.

A father was unhappy
His firm had just gone bust
And he thought about Christmas
And how much those kid’s bikes cost.

He broke the news to her gently
But his wife already guessed
She knew that it was a coming
His firm was in a mess.

“What are we going to do?” he said
When they were on their own
“We’re already strapped for cash
No money for bills or loan!”

“Times are getting bleak now
And work’s in short supply
I really need a job” he said
Then broke down he, and cried

Darling, please don’t worry
Things, we cannot mend
But in Jesus, we have faith
And on Jesus we’ll depend.

The day was Christmas Eve
Snow had fallen in the night
The children were excited
When they saw the ground so white.

Coats, mitts, woolly hats and scarves
Put on by children hurriedly
Dad put on a smiling face
But a worried man was he.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time
Now Christmas Eve was here
Christmas time is for joy and peace
But here was gloom and fear.

“I’m going out,” he told his wife
“I will have to buy the bike,
Even if we add to the loan
I will get the one they like.”

All the bike shops that he entered
Were more expensive than before
The shops were closing early
Each with closed signs on the door.

A light was on inside a church
And so he entered in
He bowed his knee and prayed to God
Poured out his thoughts within.

Leaving church, he donned his cap
And walked back down the street
The homeless and the down-and-outs
He wasn’t glad to meet

His wife was making decorations
Which would adorn the house
The children were helping quietly
They were quiet as a mouse.

He went into the garden shed
Finished making cot and ‘plane
Tomorrow would be Christmas day
But it wouldn’t be the same.

The snow had finally settled
And a snowman had been built
He looked a happy snowman
Which was how he hoped he felt.

At bedtime he read the Children,
The Nativity as he liked to do
A Miracle - come down at Christmas-time
He knew the Bible to be true

Now with children tucked up in bed
Eyes tightly closed from story read
He went downstairs feeling weak
Sat next to wife and kissed her cheek.

The Santa sacks were red and green
Filled with sweets and fruit to eat
The cot and ‘plane were by the tree
But no shiny bikes were seen

“Do not worry honey
Things will turn out right
I already told the children
And explained to them tonight.”

“Time for an early evening
For tomorrow’s a big day
Christmas - such a special time
Let’s bow our heads and pray.”

During the night with all asleep
A cat slipped in to take a peep
She settled down upon the floor
Now warm and snug and it licked her paw.

Next morning after breakfast
In the front room they all sat
But none of them even noticed
In the corner lay the cat.

The parents gave out presents
To looks of disappointment and few smiles
Children thanked them for their gifts
Then tears flowed for a while.

Just then they heard a purring sound
Coming from a corner
They searched the room and cat was found
Well spotted by the daughter.

The Cat had given birth to kittens
And laid upon the floor
“My!” said the children
“She’s given birth to four!”

Thank you for our Christmas gift
The children said, with smiles on face
This is our Christmas miracle
I think we’ll name her ‘Grace.’

“I wonder where she came from?
A name she doesn’t wear.
Can we keep her Dad?” they said,
These kittens we can share.

God had made this dream come true
And God can do the same for you
Miracles are from God come down
The Babe in manger from Heaven found.

Our story has a happy ending
Like Christmas Stories should
Jesus, sent at Christmas-time
Who died to make us good.

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