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When we are looking forward to the arrival of a visitor we find there is much to be done in preparation. But we are careful not to get caught up in our busyness and miss the arrival of our guest.

The four weeks before Christmas is known as Advent, which means 'arrival'. It's the time of year when we get ready for the most important Guest of all - The Lord Jesus Christ! Advent reminds us of four 'arrivals' of Jesus.

The first is in the past. It happened long ago at the first Christmas. Jesus, God's Son, who made our world, came to live in it as a baby, as a boy, and then as a man, and to give His life as the atonement for our sin in order to bring us back to God. (1)

The second advent belongs in the present because Jesus is waiting to come now to every person who will invite Him into their heart and life as Lord and Saviour. (2)

The third advent of Jesus will take place soon when He returns for His Church. It's the time when all true believers - those born again of God's Spirit - will be snatched away to meet the Lord in the air. (3)

The fourth is yet in the future. One day soon Jesus is coming back into this world. Not as a helpless baby nor any longer as the Saviour but as King and Judge of all. (4)

Advent is the season for getting ready. But let's be careful that in our own busyness we do not miss His arrival.
Let's be ready to accept the real meaning of Christmas, ready to ask Jesus into our lives and ready for the day when He will come again!

(1) Matthew 20 v 28
(2) Revelation 3 v 20
(3) 1 Thessalonians 4 vv 16 & 17
(4) Jude 14 & 15

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