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Blessed among Women
Sue Seaman

The virgin's name was Mary
And she was to conceive a Son
Chosen by God a holy woman
The angel said rejoice highly favoured one.

The Lord is with you
Blessed are you among women
She was troubled at first
By this manner of greeting

Do not be Afraid Mary For you will bring forth a Son
And you shall call his name Jesus
For He is God's only begotten Son

He will be great among the nations
And he will save the people from their sins
He will reign over the house of Jacob
And his kingdom there will be no end.

Mary accepted what the Angel had said
She stayed with her relative Elizabeth, who had also been blessed
Both women rejoiced over their babes
Mary's song in her heart, magnified the Lord on her stay

Has the baby inside Elizabeth's
Leapt in her womb
After three months, Mary returned home
Until it was time, for Christ to be born.

Joseph and Mary journeyed to Bethlehem She was now his betrothed wife
They had journeyed to pay their taxes
Even though she was heavily pregnant with child

There was no place at the inn
To rest their weary head
Jesus was born and placed in a manger
From the troughs the ox and ass were fed.

The Angels announced Jesus to the shepherds
And said do not be afraid
For behold I bring you good tidings of great joy
A Saviour Christ the Lord is born in the city of David this day.

You will find a babe wrapped in
Swaddling clothes, lying in a manger
With a multitude of the heavenly host
Praising God and saying.

Glory to God in the highest
On earth peace and goodwill towards men
And praising God for all the things that they had seen
As it was told to them

Here's good news for everyone
Great happiness is ours
Rejoice and be glad for the Saviour
Has come to earth from God.

With wondrous love
Despite our sin
God sought our faithless
Hearts to win

Open your heart, this Christmas-time
To Jesus Christ our Lord
He stands outside your hearts door my friend
Have you any room?



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