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Crystal Puffs of Fluffy Stuff

By Sue Seaman

Crystal puffs of fluffy stuff
Falling from the sky
Little Robin redbreast
Perched on a treetop high

Lots of little children
Dressed in woollen coats
With mittens filled with snowballs
They are about to throw

Babies in their pushchairs
Cheeks rosy from the snow
People with their shopping
Rushing to and fro

Lights that dazzle gardens
With their Christmas trees, so bright
Through the curtained windows
Their coal fires now alight

Buses filled with passengers
Not stopping at the stop
Traffic starts a tail back
Several roads now blocked

But despite all the bussle
I am filled with love and cheer
I remember what's special about Christmas
That I for one, hold dear

We celebrate the birth of Jesus
The King of Heaven sent
He was born in a manger
In a stable kindly lent

Angels and Shepherds there rejoiced
Joined together with one voice
For all who share with one accord
Will walk together with their Lord

Do not forget the Lord this Christmas
Do not leave Him at your door
For without Jesus in your life
Just what is Christmas for?

It's not about the presents
It's not about the wine
Its not about the parties,
Or going out to dine

It's not about the TV
Or the radio stations
It's not about the visits
To pubs for recreation

Christmas is about the love
Which rests upon the heart
Don't be a Grinch this Christmas
Or (bah humbug), Ebenezer Scrooge
Increase the size of your heart
Give all that's asked of you

For this is the season of Good cheer
For the Lord of heaven's near
And you will receive much more than ever
With peace and joy that lasts forever
Happy Christmas to you all
From the biggest to the small

And they shall call him Jesus, for He will save
His people from their sin
This Christmas open your heart - and let the Saviour in

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