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Sue Seaman

A Dickensian market is to be held in the square
There will be lots of smiling children, happy to be there
With lots of people to-ing and a fro-ing
Amongst the glow where it has been snowing

There will be plenty of stalls, selling gifts galore
And a candle seller and lots, lots more
Hot chocolate brewing and a hog on a spit
And roasted hot chestnuts, that blacken your fingers a bit.

Games are included - hook a turkey to win
You’ll go home rejoicing - wearing a very large grin
Lucky dips - tombola too!
And a guessing game for you to do:
How many sweets are in the jar?
Winning again will make you a ‘star’.

Santa Claus will load up his sleigh
If you want to see him you must not be late
Jugglers and entertainers will also be fun
Lots of things to see and do – lots for everyone.

But listen! Do you hear the church bells ringing,
The voices of the choir inside the church where they are singing?
Hark, the herald angels sing – “Glory to the new born King.”
The Salvation Army band playing loud and clear
Christmas is coming - and soon will be here.

When we celebrate our dear Lord’s Birth
Good will to all men - and Peace on the earth.

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