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The story is told of a man. An unbelieving man, who had stayed at home by the fireside while his wife went to the village church for the Christmas Eve service.
Outside a storm was howling. Some birds, trying to find shelter, flew towards the light inside his house. When they hit his window, he put on his coat and went outside to help them.

The first thing he tried to do was to 'shoo' them toward the shelter of the barn where he had opened the doors. But they only flew about more frantically.
Next, he went to his kitchen where he got some bread and came out to make a trail of bread crumbs across the way into the barn. But the birds didnít follow the trail!

The man felt very frustrated, not knowing what more he could do to help his feathered friends. Walking back to the warmth of his house, he said to himself, "If I could become one of them, then I could show them the way in."
In that moment the village church bells rang out across the valley. The truth he had so long rejected was quickened to his heart.
In that moment the unbeliever fell to his knees in the snow to acknowledge that God did the only thing that could be done to reach man and bring him to an awareness of the safe place.

He became one of us.
He entered into our experience.
That He did in Jesus Christ, and that is the incarnation.

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