Easter Quiz

How much do you REALLY know about Easter?
1. How many disciples shared the Last Supper with Jesus? a) 11
b) 12
c) 13
2. What was the name of the garden in which Jesus prayed before He went to the Cross? a) Gethsemene
b) Solomon's Garden
c) The Garden of Eden
3. The place where Jesus was Crucified was also know as the place of the skull. What was its other name? a) Golgotha
b) Jerusalem
c) Sinai
4. When Jesus was carrying His cross - who was called to help Him carry it? a) Thomas
b) Luke
c) Simon
5. As Jesus was being crucified - which disciple stood with Mary the mother of Jesus? a) Luke
b) Matthew
c) John
6. After He was dead - how long was Jesus in the tomb? a) 2 days
b) 3 days
c) 4 days
7. Who kept guard over Jesus' tomb? a) Roman Soldiers
b) The Disciples
c) Angels
8. What was the name of the woman who first saw Jesus after He rose from the dead and thought He was the gardener? a) Elizabeth
b) Mary
c) Martha
9. After Jesus rose from the dead one of the disciples had doubts. What was his name? a) Thomas
b) John
c) Matthew
10. Which of these actions do you think you need to do to be sure of eternal life? a) Do nothing
b) Get religious
c) Ask Jesus to forgive my sin

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