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It was around 9.30 one morning in October 2013 when I received a phone call from Malc's office to tell me that he had been involved in a road accident. Malc was using his motorbike to get work because it was taking him the best part of two hours in the car and the bike reduced the journey to about an hour. He had only bought the bike in May and it was his pride and joy - a shiny Silver Honda CBF600SA.

Pat, who made the call, told me that Malc had been involved in an accident and had been taken by ambulance to hospital in Romford. I was in a state of shock and very upset. I didn't at that point know how serious he might have been injured. Our Minister had also been contacted and told the news, and was going to make his way to the Hospital. Friends at our church were informed and started praying for Malc.

I hadn't heard anything from Malc himself at that point but eventually Malc was able to get to his mobile phone and call me himself. He told me that a silly, woman driver had gone through a red light and shot straight across his path (across the yellow box junction) just as the lights changed for Malc and he pulled away.

He doesn't remember much about the impact or about going over the top of the car as his brain must have shut down right at that moment. But he remembers thinking 'this will end badly' and coming-to sitting on the road facing the same way he was travelling, with his back against her car and with his bike laying across his legs. Two other drivers, who had stopped, called for the police and an ambulance and then managed to lift the bike of Malc's legs.

His beautiful new motorbike was a total wreck. He was so pleased when he bought it, and now he was more concerned about the bike than his own legs. With some help from the two drivers he decided to see if he could stand as his legs didn't feel as if they were damaged, and he was able to get up only to see his beloved bike in not such good condition. He later said he wished his bike had been OK even if his legs had not, reasoning that his legs would heal but the bike would not.

On reflection and given the 'Man and machine in perfect harmony' flying over the roof of the car and landing in a heap on the other side, Malc faired pretty well. He cracked a rib, fractured his wrist and fractured a finger, plus various bruising to his back and arms. But although injured, we know that it could have been far worse. He could have died that morning. But we believe that God sent His Angels into that situation and they prevented a more serious accident. The hospital kept Malc in overnight and the following day late in the afternoon, somewhat strapped and bandaged up, he was allowed home. Our minister picked Malc up and brought him home to me.

With the pain in his chest and back Malc had to have eight weeks at home to recuperate before he could drive again and go to back to work. The woman driver got off scot-free (sorry, I meant to say - the police advised us they would 'not be pressing charges') - despite the fact that she jumped a red light and entered the junction without a clear exit and nearly killed Malc! The law is indeed 'an Ass!!'

And to make matters worse Malc had lost his beloved bike. Oh yes, the insurance company 'paid him out' - the usual minimum amount they could get away with for the bike. Malc also made an insurance claim for 'compensation' for the injuries he received, and after his insurance company advised against accepting the first offer the third party insurers made followed by months of investigations and trips to various clinics and 'medical experts' on behalf of the insurer, he was subsequently offered just over half of the original offer they had made.

And now, as a subsequent result of the accident Malc has Arthritis in both wrists and both hips and still suffers back pain that he never previously had. There really is no justice in this world.

But beyond all of the pain, the annoyance, the inconvenience and the injustice, we are grateful to our Lord and Saviour, whom we put our trust in. God knew what was going to Happen on that day and He put his angels in place so that Malc would not die. We know that Malc has been given a wonderful gift by the Lord, which involves him working with people on the Internet and helping them by leading them to Jesus. Malc also sings and plays the guitar, and although he is often in pain with the arthritis he plays guitar in our worship band in church, plays and sings for some elderly folk at a local club and sings in our own church fund-raising. cover band (The Fabulous eBand.)

His only disappointment is that because of the motorbike accident I have convinced him that I do not think it a great idea that he gets another one (ever!) He occasionally reminds me of the Honda NC 750X that he already picked out but it makes no difference. I am his devoted wife and I want him alive and for us to spend many years together, until the Lord calls us home by death or at the rapture of the church.

God has assured every born again believer of everlasting life where there is no more pain and no more death.

Friend, do you know where you are going if you should die? The Bible tells us clearly that there is a Heaven, but also a hell. Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ whilst He may still be found and call upon Him - and He will draw near to you. He will save you and He will protect and keep you for eternity.

Find out how, right here.