Malc Seaman

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Malc and his slightly older brother Gordon were like chalk and cheese. They had very little in common and never really got on well together, even as children they argued all the time and as they grew up, little changed. Gordon was the one who was always in bother, getting drunk and getting into punch-ups. When Malc's mum died it hit Gordon really hard as he at that time, was not trusting Jesus.

Gordon joined a Boxing Club in the East End of London at West Ham and it was there his life would take a turn for the better. He became friends with a well-known boxer named Jimmy Tibbs and other professional boxers. God had really been at work at West Ham boxing club with several boxers coming to know Jesus. So inevitably, with all those Christians witnessing to Gordon his heart started to mellow.

One night at a petrol station he took stock of his messed up life, and there and then whilst sat in his car, he asked Jesus to forgive his sin and invited Him in as Lord of his life.

At that time he was married to his second wife Maureen, who also later came to know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour and the two of them made plans to be baptised. Gordon was a changed man. The Lord dealt with his drinking problem and took away the desire for smoking.

One Sunday evening Gordon and his friends, including Jimmy Tibbs and Michael Andrews, another boxer, visited our church and Jimmy shared his personal testimony (listen here) of how he came to know Jesus.

Malc got on much better with Gordon after Gordon became a Christian. Sadly in 2012, after losing a leg through cancer the disease completely overcame him and Gordon died. When we attended his funeral we recognised the minister who took the service and were able to mention to him that Gordon had given his life to Jesus and he rejoiced with us, that at least we had the assurance that he was safe in heaven with the Lord.

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