Sue Seaman

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John is the older of my two younger brothers. I mentioned in another of our stories that both of my brothers have learning disabilities. Many years back, between the 1960s and the 1980s, John was resident in a hospital that was much like an old asylum style hospital. Fortunately it was closed down as the residents were gradually brought into the community and into proper residential homes to be cared for. John was moved closer to our mum, who was by then a widow, into a home in Harold Wood. To here my mum could get a bus to visit John. But better than that, the Lord provided a young man from mum's church to take her by car to visit him. Mum was able to visit John regularly before she died in 1994.

John was later moved to another home down in New Romney, Kent for specialist care, and for a while staff there took him to a local Baptist church each Sunday, which he apparently enjoyed. But as happens in many care homes, staff changed and his visits to the Sunday service stopped.

John is almost 59 years old. And just a few weeks ago I received a telephone call one morning about 9.15. I had not been up long and was still in my dressing gown when the phone rang. The call was from a hospital in Kent informing me that John had been urgently admitted and had been connected to a ventilator.
His condition was critical, as his lungs were not working at all well and he was having real trouble breathing. He also had blood poisoning and the Hospital were concerned and told me that John was in a very bad state and that he could die, but they would try everything they could.

I couldn't stop crying and I got into a real state. I decided to ring a few of the ladies at our church and they all said that they would pray. Well, news travelled fast and before long all of the church had started to pray for John.

Friends from our church, Graham and Val, came round later that morning to see me and brought with them a lovely bunch of flowers for me. They stayed with me until lunchtime as I was expecting Malc to be home anytime from London, where he had been on a course.

Jo, also from our church, had sent a text to Malc whilst he was on his way home and told him the news about John and when he arrived home he comforted me and the four of us prayed together and from that very moment, things started to happen.

The Bible says ''The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much,'' (James 5:16) and praise the Lord, just after we prayed we had another phone call from the hospital saying that John's breathing was getting better and there was a slight improvement overall. He wasn't out of danger yet, but day after day he improved more and got better and better. He was in hospital for well over a week. He has been home for a while now with his friends and staff.

What Jesus did for John, and the marvellous things He does for all those that trust in Him, He can also do for you!      Find out how, right here.