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When Malc found himself unemployed for the very first time in his life, he was gutted. He had been a Director of his own company and we hadn't really been prepared for the six months of unemployment that followed.

Malc applied for one hundred and thirty six jobs with very little response and we struggled to understand why. So we prayed, and we read our Bibles, and we carried on going to our church and continued to tithe and gave our offerings up to the Lord. Even so, it was a time when we had to watch what we were spending.

Anyway, one night Malc woke up and couldn't sleep so he went downstairs. It must have been about 2'O'clock in the morning, and he went into the study and sat down at his desk. He just could not understand why we were going through what we were and prayed and brought everything to the Lord. And it was then that the Lord spoke to him. In a still small voice the Lord told Malc that he had a special job for him to do. It was so clear to Malc that he raced upstairs to tell me.

A little while after this happened a whole load of wonderful praise songs started coming out of Malc and he worked on the words and the music, a real blessing whilst he was unemployed.

Then Malc did start to get a few interviews and he secured a position over in West London as an Operations Manager. It was less money than we had been used to when he was with his own company but a whole lot more than we had whilst he was unemployed. So we were delighted and Malc was relishing the challenge of the job where he was to improve the systems and processes within the organisation.

But after just five months in the job, Malc knew it was not where he should be. The commuting was starting to get him down and not to put too fine a point on it, he did not see at all eye-to-eye with the MD or the Office Manager. The company's drive was all about profit without change and Malc found himself in an unacceptable position. So one evening on the way home, he called me and told me how he felt (he was pretty fed up with the whole thing by now) and I said he should just quit. This was also a first for Malc who had never resigned from a job without having another one to go to but we both knew this was not the special job that the Lord had spoken to him about. Malc wasted no time and handed in his resignation the next day.

Still having no idea where he was heading we made a decision that he should record all the songs he had written recently, and so we went along to a Recording Studio run by a young man, which turned out to be at the back of a Church Minister's house and we had no idea about that until we turned up on the day to record.

Malc told the young man at the sound desk that he wanted to record the Christian worship songs that he had written, so that he could use them for God's glory and for others to be blessed by them. Malc recorded about a dozen songs - they were beautiful and amazing, and I sat and enjoyed every minute of it. We came away with a couple of 'Master' copies and were able to produce copies from these and were pleased to just give them away to people and many who were blessed by them. One of Malc's songs is on the Home Page of this website.

The plan was always to give the CDs away and it was never our intention to make any money by selling them but one kind sister in the Lord, who had a copy and enjoyed it took fifty copies from us to give as Christmas presents and insisted on paying us for them, which to say the least, helped us with our Christmas expenses now Malc was unemployed once more. In fact we had another seven months of unemployment and Malc was pretty fed up by then.

Once again Malc had set out applying for lots and lots of jobs, spending almost every, waking hour, job hunting. Until our (very sensible) daughter suggested filling some time volunteering somewhere and job hunting for just a couple of hours each evening. She even knew a charity that was looking for help at that time, so Malc contacted them and within days he was volunteering for a couple of days a week at Samaritan's Purse - praise the Lord! Malc loved doing what he was doing and the Office Manager was really pleased with the work he was doing but unfortunately they were not employing at that time. But Malc carried on, stepping up his commitment to them and was doing 4 or 5 days each week in the SP office.

Although Malc was only reimbursed his travel expenses, We managed to save some money and get away to Spring Harvest that year at Skegness. And then what joy! Whilst we were there Malc got a call from the Office say that they there was a full time job opportunity with their sister organisation the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and Malc jumped at the opportunity.

These days Malc works with the BGEA's 'Search for Jesus' Internet Evangelism ministry, which helps people who are searching on the Internet for answers to questions about life and faith. I am truly blessed whenever Malc shares with me the number of people who are finding real Life in Jesus.

And this, my friend is the special job that the Lord had promised Malc all those years before!

Dear friend, we need to be patient when things do not look so good for us. God wants us to trust Him, and when we do, He will shower down from Heaven his blessing upon us.

Malc loves what he does for a living and continues to make music, playing not only in the worship group at our church but also in a band at church, which raises funds for the work of the church, called the eBand. The band has put on many concerts and has quite a following.

Blessings abound in Malc's life because he follows the One who is Life - our Wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ. Friends do not follow after false gods as they will lead you astray and on a path to nowhere.

Jesus is the only Way back to God (John 14:6) and the only one we should follow.