GOD IS (c)2005, 2008
A Short Sketch - by Sue Seaman

Cast: A Climber, A Rower, A Swimmer, An Astronaut, The Narrator & The Audience

If I were to climb the highest mountain and look up (starts to climb) I still wouldn’t be above God, because…

God is higher than I.

If I were to row across every ocean of the world (starts to row) I still could not reach the breadth of God’s love, because…

God is wider than I.

Or have to swim when the boat started to sink (holds his nose,sinks under the waves and then starts to swim) I would not have the strength on my own - I need the strength of God, because…

God is stronger than I.

If I were to travel the whole universe through space (starts to float around in space) I would still not be able to reach God, because…

God is the Eternal One - not I.

No matter where we go,
And who we meet,
And tell the man upon the street,
Or women shopping in the stores,
Or school kids playing out of doors,
Or one who is a University scholar,
There are many things that we encounter,
Whether we be big or small
One thing we understand

God is bigger than us all.

God is so much bigger than everything we do,
But with faith like mustard seed - a mountain we can move!
We must believe that God did send His only Son to die,
Sent Jesus to save sinners – one day to Him we’ll fly.
By grace we enter the Holiest, the place
Where God reigns all supreme, and see Him face to face,
And fellowship with God the Father
Through Jesus Christ His Son,
For all eternity we’ll share a home
With The Eternal One.

You see, there’s nothing we can do to earn salvation
(Even climb the highest tower)
Or fly in space or sail the world
There’s nothing in our power.
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
For God is all - in Him we must abide

God is bigger than us all!