THE KING WILL COME(c)1999, 2008
A Short Sketch - by Sue Seaman
The Players: An aged bride, The bridegroom.
The Scene: A little cottage far out in the country. The bride, now old and grey awaits her King.
She's been knitting socks to while away the time. A large number of boxes lean against the wall,
now stacked high with socks.

"Oh, King if only you would come,
I've been waiting here so very long.
My hair's gone grey, I've bunions too
How long must I wait here for you?"

(The sound of a horse galloping is heard in the distance.)

"Do I hear the sound of my beloved,
Coming across the hills?"

(The long awaited King arrives to claim his bride. He gets down from
off his horse and knocks on the door. The aged bride hobbles to open the door.)

"I've come to sweep you off your feet,
My beautiful bride, thou art so sweet."

"Where have you been all my life,
Did you float in from paradise?
I've grown old, whilst waiting for you,
Are you really a King from yonder blue?"

"I am the King and Lord and Heir,
My Kingdom has my treasures there.
I've come to take you to a land of bliss.
May I give my fair bride a kiss?"

"If you wish, I will be pleased,
You've travelled long, you're tired I see.
Would you like a cup of tea?"

"My journey was long, but I am strong (points to his muscles,)
The battles over, victory's won.
I could never forget you, for your name is engraved
In the palms of my hands - my bride, you're saved."

"Although I have waited, for all of these years,
I have no regrets of the trials and tears."

(The groom takes her hand in his.)

"Oh what lovely hands you have,
For me to gently hold.
You are a treasure unto me,
Worth more than purest gold.

Arise my bride, my sweet one fair
To the mansion that's prepared."

(They walk towards the King's horse)

"Give me a lift up, won't you?"

"Oh course, I will my love."

(The bridegroom also climbs up on to the horse)

"Hansome King, let's now take flight
Across the skies to paradise."

Jesus won the greatest victory of all when He died upon the cross,
rose again from the dead, defeated death and
ascended to His Kingdom - Heaven.

And He has promised to return for His bride - The church.
And when the King comes, He will come for those who are His,
and take them home.
Home to a place He has prepared for his loved ones.
Home to live with Him forever.

Jesus' promise to those who love Him is:
"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so,
I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."
John Ch14 v 2.