A Short Sketch - by Sue Seaman (c)1998, 2008
The scene: A railway station at the onset of a journey.
The players: A man - A Youth - A Woman - and.. you?

Man sitting on train reading newspaper:

"I'm so glad I bought my ticket when I did.
My friend was right when he told me that the tickets would not be available for ever.
I got my ticket in good time."

Youth rushing to board the train as it departs:

"Phew ... just made it, but it was close. I nearly missed it altogether. If I hadn't got my ticket when I did I would have been stuck. I should have realised earlier, then I wouldn't have had such a rush.
My friend told me that the tickets would run out but I kept doubting him."

"You either believe me or you don't" he said
"There is no in between."

"Anyway, I finally decided to get a ticket. It was a good job I did.
I hadn't realised that it would soon be too late. Phew ... just made it in time!"

Woman at ticket office:

"No tickets left? How will I manage to make the journey?
I didn't expect the tickets to ever run out. My friend tried to warn me that they would. Now I wished I had believed her, but it's too late."

The Bible speaks of a journey. A journey that takes us through this life into eternal life...but only if we believe.
God tells us in the Bible of this life which is ours if we believe and trust Him and what He has done for us.

God sent Jesus to this earth with the sole intention of redeeming man from his sin.
Now the work is done. Jesus died on the cross, bore the penalty for all sin and rose again from the grave. He has defeated death and has removed the power that death had over us.

But do you believe Him? Will you believe Him?

God gives us the chance to either accept what He is offering or reject. We only have two real choices.
Either we believe Him or we don't. There is no middle line.
So many try to 'sit on the fence' hoping that by not making a decision they will be okay.
But to not accept is to reject.
God's word says that we cannot serve God and mammon (false gods). In other words a decision has to be made.

Jesus has aleady paid the price for tickets for all who will believe, by the shedding of his precious blood.
Those who believe, will receive their 'ticket' to eternal life through faith in Him.
Those who won't, will themselves one day have to pay the price for their sin.

Now it is left to us to decide.
Will we accept and receive or reject and decline.
That's the choice.

It's ours...
if we want it.