A Musical Play- by Sue Seaman

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Cast: Daisy (a Flower Girl), Don (a rich drunk), PC Perkins, An Old Woman, An Old Man, A Gentleman, Lady Jane (the Gentleman's Wife), Mrs Ball (the Cook), Wilson (the Butler), The Kitchen Staff and The Narrator.

Scene 1 Ė The Streets of London

Daisy is a flower girl on the streets of old London, England around the time of Charles Dickens.

Daisy faces the Audience and speaks:

Come, come with me, letís walk down Chapel Street.
There are things I want to tell you, just come along with me.

She stops outside a house - black door, number one.
The owner who lives there is a man whose name is Don.

Don was once a beggar on the street, poor like me
Until a long lost relative came upon the scene
Now Don enjoys the Ďhigh lifeí, with his coffee dashed with cream
But itís more of a nightmare than a beautiful dream

Just then, a man comes along, walking stick in hand.

Sssh! Thatís him, heís the man, the one I told you - Don
He doesnít seem too happy - I wonder what is wrong?

Don fumbles for his keys and as he passes by
He stops as he sees Daisy there - she has caught his eye.

Want a posy for a girlfriend, a love one do you?

Hereís the money for a posy, Iíll think Iíll have the red,
Itís for a lady - a very Ďwell to doí friend.

Eye, eye, wink wink, - well here you are then sir
She hands to him the posy Ė puts the money in her purse
And hereís a safety pin for you to pin it to your lapel
ďYou donít remember me, eh, Sir? I am Daisy Hitching from Bow Bells.
I remember you though and if I might just tell,
You look to me as if, you really are not well
(Daisy starts to sing, while Don is trying to walk away
but daisy is stopping him in her dance he tries to move away.

Are you fruitful in the things of the Lord?
Are you walking in the truth of His Word?
The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, and peace,
Gentleness, goodness and faith.
We show the Lord in our lives when we're patient and meek
Humble, with self in control.

Have you crucified the flesh for the Lord?
Have you crucified the things of this world?
If we live in the Spirit - so let us walk
That we should have praise of the Lord
If we live in the Spirit - so let us walk
That we should have praise of the Lord

Are you fruitful in the things of the Lord?
(Music for this song)

Don nods his head and walks the steps up to his own front door
His life is full of riches but his lifeís a total bore
He remembers seeing Daisy when once he too was poor
But goes inside his fancy house and turns and shuts the door

DAISY (Facing the audience):
Cor! He must have had a drink or two - I could smell it on his breath!
Seems to me, his wealth is misery, poor man, his Sin will lead to death
Well, lets go down this side street - who will buy a posy? who am I about to meet?
I bet you think Iím nosy (my folks should have named me Josie)
It rhymes so well with nosy, donít you think?

Hello, Constable Perkins, nice to see you on the beat
Got new shoes have you? I never knew you had big feet.

Daisy, are you not a wee bit cold selling flowers in the snow?
With such thin and flimsy clothing youíll catch your death, you know.
Youíll catch your death of cold, have you no warm clothes to wear?
Havenít you got family or anyone who cares?

Well you know how it is constable when you have got no money
I havenít even got enough to buy a pot of honey!
So, do you want to buy a posy? Hereís a little rose.
Hope you donít mind me asking and poking in my nose
But you said you had problems with the old Ďtrouble and strifeí
If you donít mind me asking are your troubles with your wife?

Oh, you mean the missus? The love of my life!
Hereís some extra money for some soup on this cold and wintry night
Iíll be glad when tomorrow comes and brings with it the dawn
(He looks about and at his watch and then he starts to yawn)

Well I best be going home - take care Daisy, now youíre on your own

The Constable Sings:
Be careful little sparrow, the Lord is nearby
He sees you from Heaven, He sees you when you cry
He knows when you are lonely, He knows when you are ill
He is there to comfort you and you know that He will
Be careful little sparrow, donít run and hide away
You know your Heavenly Father will hear you when you pray
He hears your heartfelt prayer, you can know that He is there
So be careful little sparrow, little sparrow take care
So be careful little sparrow, little sparrow take care

Thank you constable and I appreciate the thought
Take the money that you offer? Iím not sure that I ought
But Iíll take it if you want me to Ė and if you are quite sure

Itís laid on my heart to give freely to the poor
Mind how you go Daisy I hope to see you again tomorrow
Be careful tonight Daisy, you poor little sparrow

Oh, Constable Iíll be fine although the streets are dark and narrow
Look there goes Pollyanna wheeling her wheelbarrow
Itís so bitter cold, the deep white snow reflecting the light.
Itís good to see the soup hall is now in sight
Though I might be weak, My dear Lord He is strong
And in my heart He has implanted a new song

Daisy starts to sing:
You have shown how much You love me Lord, when Iím alone with You
Just to know your love surrounds me - to know Your Word is true
When I think of how You saved me - how You died to rescue me
My love for You grows deeper, Lord, Youíve set me free!
For Youíre my saviour and my Friend - on You I can depend
I will praise and love You, Lord - forever
(Music for this song)

Scene 2 Ė The Soup Kitchen

Well here I am waiting - queuing in line
More people here now then usually this time.

Hello there, deary and how are you?
Have you come in from the cold for a bowl of hot soup?

Thank you Iím fine I guess
With this bowl of soup I know I am blessed

Well, come along deary, just you join the line
The queue is reducing, going down all of the time.

Daisy looks all around at the helpless and poor
Thereís a tap on her shoulder, she turns to see what she is wanted for

Hello love, whatís your name?

Never you mind, and whatís your game?

I was only enquiring - but all the same
You know, young woman - you are quite a dame

Letís have none of that - so knock it off
Iím a good girl and thatís quite enough!

Daisy takes the soup, now lukewarm, then goes back out to the street
Wondering, her next encounter - who will she meet?

Scene 3 Ė Outside Lady Jane Carson's House

She hurries along the street, sits down on a step
Outside Lady Carsonís house, who she had heard of but never met
Feeling more and more hungry she could have easily wept
She sees a gentleman approaching, elegant and chic
Puts her head in her lap and doses off to sleep

She dreams of William, long time ago
They were going to marry, but he didnít show
She waited at the altar, but he never came
Her family, her friends, all cried - ďsuch a shameĒ

He told her he loved her and forever theyíd be
But then his heart failed him and so suddenly
He died in an alley found by someone unknown
While she waited patiently wondering why he had not shown

William and Daisy sing and dance in her dream:

William Sings:
I love you Daisy, you will always be mine
You are to me like a ray of sunshine
And to the Father in the heavenly realm
You are the girl He sent me and always will

Daisy Sings:
I love you William, You will always be mine
You are to me like a ray of sunshine
And to the Lord of Heaven, who gave you to me
Weíll be together, forever, eternally

Daisy awakes as the clock strikes a chime
She awakens to life from her beautiful time
Seeing a gentleman trying to rouse her from sleep
Rubbing her eyes and taking a peep

Young Woman Ė Miss.

Yes Sir - kind Sir.

So sorry to wake you but this is my house
Have you been waiting long, you poor little mouse?
Have you come for the job of scullery maid?
Is there anything wrong? Donít look so dismayed.

Well I ÖÖ

Didnít you ring the bell? Now come along inside
Lady Carson is waiting, it will be all right
Letís go inside, for cold is the night.

He Sings:
The snow covers white, how cold is the night
And the lamp gives a glow of good cheer
How still is the night, so calm and so bright
And our Heavenly Father is here
Can you feel His great love, flowing down from above?
We can know that His love is so near
All around us His love descends like a dove
And says: ďCome in from the cold, my dearĒ

Then Sings:
There's a touch of love
And it comes from God above
As we worship Him
We stand on holy ground
There's a peace and joy
Today and evermore
That's coming down from heaven to you and me

It's the love of Jesus through God Himself
In the light of His glory and grace

There's a perfect peace
And His love will never cease
So rejoice in His wonderful love

(Music for this song)

But Sir, I did not come for the job - Iím the flower girl, you see
Here is a posy to give to your Lady, please take it - the cost is on me.

No, no, young Miss - and this I insist
That you come inside right away
My wife Lady Jane will want to meet you
In fact, sheís been waiting all day.

Oh no, Sir youíre wrong - I can sing a sweet song
But I canít make a bed or a cake
Iím all in a twirl, but Iím not the right girl
I think there must be a mistake

I can see there is no denying, that you are just a flower girl
But you look as if your hard-earned living isnít doing so well.
So why not follow me inside - of course itís for you to decide
But the good Lord has sent you and thatís no surprise
There is truth that Iím seeing in front of my eyes
So you would be a good employee there is no question of doubt
Step inside, young woman - all will be explained (but not now.)

Daisy hesitates, but the gentleman has already opened the door
Daisy gets up on her feet, for sheís now feeling quite sure.

Well kind sir, lead me to your Lady Jane who Iíll be glad to meet
For the Good Lord has helped me
No longer will I walk alone, along these darkened streets

They go inside and the gentleman closes the door.

Scene 4 Ė Inside the House

ďI wonít be a minute, Iíll speak to my wifeĒ

Daisy looks about, there is much to catch her eye
She has never seen how the Ďother halfí lived in all her life.

Cor, they got loadsa money - of that Iím pretty sure

Just then the gentlemen appears, standing at the door

You may come in, Iíve told my wife youíre here
Donít look so worried, young woman, there is no need to fear
We are God fearing People, we too belong to Him
Letís go into the drawing room - now tell, me whatís your name?

Daisy, sir. Daisy Hitching, I know itís quite plain

Not at all Daisy and it suits you all the same.
My wife likes Daisies the flowery kind
She picks them in the summer making chains and bracelets
To while away the time

They enter into the drawing room.
Daisy thinks ďhow cosyĒ not dark or full of gloom

Jane - Daisy Hitching is here

Thank you Charles, husband dear
Take a seat Daisy, and tell me all I want to know.

Well my name is Daisy Hitching and I am originally from Bow
I came to Chapel Street many years ago
And Islington is the place where I have truly found a home

Charles leaves the room for his wife to discuss
The job, which Daisy will be doing without any fuss

My husband tells me, you are flower girl
How can you make a living unless the flowers sell well?

Well Míam, I usually sell them to the wealthy for they have the means to pay
At all times I must sell enough - from two to eight a day
Most people are very kind, working hard on the street
From morning until evening I ask the Lord to help - my needs to meet

Every morning when to Him I pray
He gets me through each day - what more is there to say?

Except...Daisy Sings:
There is a time and place
Iíll gaze upon His face
Knowing how much His grace
On me He bestowed
And then at last Iíll see
His loveliness revealed
Lord Jesus to you Iíll sing
And praise You, Lord.

Now tell me Daisy, do you know how to wash dishes? drying too?
Do you know how to scrub floors and use a mop and a broom?

Yes MíLady, Yes I can do all those things.
When I lift my voice in praises to my Lord and King

I like to sing when I do my job
It keeps me smiling - my heartís filled with His Love

So, I have a singing scullery maid? Each month you will receive your pay
Getting up early in the mornings is how you will start the day.
Youíll have your room and board
At a cost you can afford.
Youíll work in the kitchen with our Mrs Ball
My ĎMrs Beetoní known to one and all
Sheíll teach you everything youíll ever need to know
Iíll give you a three-month trial to see how you go

Lady Jane Sings:
You have been saved my child, you love the Lord, I can tell
And one day we will see Him and all things will be well

I will meet my Saviour in the air
At the end of my life He'll be there
And He'll embrace me, and He'll enfold me
With the love that He has for me

And He will take my hand
He will lead me home
To the mansion that's prepared for me
And not me alone, but others too
And we will sing that new song - with the chosen few

When I see Jesus, when I see Jesus
What a wonderful day that will be
When I see Jesus, when I see Jesus
What a wonderful day that will be

And He will take my hand
He will lead me home
To the mansion that's prepared for me
And not me alone, but others too
And we will sing that new song - with the chosen few

When we see Jesus, when we see Jesus
What a glorious day that will be
When we see Jesus, when we see Jesus
What a glorious day that will be
(Music for this song)

Iíll just ring the bell for Wilson, my butler - our man
And he will show you where to go (heís such a kindly gentleman)

Wilson enters into the room

You called MíLady?

Please show this young lady to the Kitchen, sheís our new scullery maid
Daisy Hitching is her name.

Yes certainly I will - come along, Daisy Or is there anything else?

That will be all Wilson but do keep me informed How Daisy is doing and how she performs

Come along Daisy, itís just down the hall
The steps to the kitchen to Meet Mrs Ball
Weíre all friendly people so donít look nervous
Living in this large house Daisy you are now in service

They make their way into a room off the kitchen
and Wilson shows Daisy a seat by a cosy fire.

I wonít be long Daisy, Iíll tell Mrs Ball that you are here
Sheíll be so glad to meet you Ė sheís such a kind dear
Mrs Ball is our cook - first class in every way
There was never such a woman - more wonderful then words can say

Daisy looks into the flames of the roaring fire
She feels utterly at peace - The Lord has fulfilled her desire
Never will she be cold or hungry again
A new start in life - not lonely, but with friends

Mrs Ball enters the room

Hello Daisy, Iím Mrs Ball
Donít look surprised that I am not very tall

Pleased to meet you Mrs Ball
It matters not to me youíre small
All good things come in small packages - so I was taught

Well dear, thanks for the words of encouragement - Iíll remember that thought
Now Daisy you look starved, you poor little bird
And you are from Hitchin? - is that what I have heard?

No I am not from Hitchin - Hitchingís my name
I came from Bow Bells to find fortune and fame

But I didnít end up singing, which I thought would be fun
On the stage, in a theatre, as my folks had done

Instead Iím a flower girl walking dark streets
Until one bright day when my Saviour I meet!
My dear Lord of Heaven came to rescue me
Now Mrs Ball I am here to help you, see

Well Daisy, dinner will be ready, in just a little while
Why not warm yourself by the nice roaring fire
You look a bright spark of a woman who people will admire
And now we have met - Wilson will call you when table is set
Enjoying our feast Ė your appetite met

Mrs Ball (back in the kitchen) talks to members of staff
And Daisy can hear them and itís making her laugh
The Staff in the kitchen seem cheery and fun
Daisyís sure theyíll accept her, with her new life begun

STAFF IN THE KITCHEN (as they singing and dance around):
Oh, did you see her, that woman who came in
The poor little sparrow she looks ever so thin
You canít help notice her dress, the holes in her shoes
But its hardly surprising when you read in the news

How the poor are so hungry, without any Ďdoshí
And the scroungers are stealing and then being Ďcoshedí
By the policeman standing by lamp posts and steps
Itís hardly surprising that our Lord in Heaven has wept
The poor little sparrow is Daisy Hitching
She knows all about us (as I expect she is listening)
But lets not discredit her she may well be ĎOKí
We believe the Lord sent her on this special day

Burnt cakes and scrubbing, polishing too
Thereís so - much - to - do!Ö
Hello, Mrs Bert. Have you come to collect the shirt
That Mrs Ball has washed and ironed specially for you
And Lady Jane, Lord Charles, having friends for tea
Itís been a very special day
A very special day
A very special day - sheíll see!

What is all this dancing and singing going on?
Get laying that table quick
Mrs Ball is to serve dinner in a tick

The staff look at Wilson and get the table set
Itís way past the hour when they should have ate

Wilson calls to Daisy - he is standing at the door

Come on Daisy, dinnerís ready
What weíve all been waiting for

Daisy steps into the kitchen and sits down upon a chair
Around a long table with the staff already seated there

There are bowls filled with vegetables steaming hot
And a large roasted chicken in a large roasting pot
Daisy canít wait as her stomach now aches
From the empty feeling Ė a rumble it makes

So she starts to take food - to pile up her plate
And takes a big mouthful - she can no longer wait
She eats hurriedly until Wilson speaks
Puts down her vegetables and now feels quite weak

Daisy, I know you are hungry but we havenít said ĎGraceí
You have vegetables all round your pale, pasty face

Sorry Mr Wilson go ahead with the prayer
I wonít eat no more Ďtill youíve said it - so there!

With all eyes shut, Wilson, speaks out the Grace

Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for food
We thank you for privileges - serving in this house is good

We thank You for Daisy who joined us this day
We thank You Lord, for bringing her our way

As she takes up this job and takes up this post
We thank you for this home but we thank you the most
That this worldís not our home Ė weíre just passing through
Thank you, Dear Lord, for all that you do

You may now all eat.

I thank the Lord for bringing me friends, never again alone
No longer a poor girl, but rich, in a place I call home

They stand up and take their applause and join in with
the singing and dancing and praising the Lord.

Let us rejoice in the Lord and let our spirit sing.
Let us rejoice in the Lord, Our hallelujahs ring.

For we've been brought into the family of God,
We are a royal priesthood too.
The Saviour died upon the tree,
He paid the price, now we go free!

Let us rejoice in the Lord and let our spirit sing.
Let us rejoice in the Lord, Our hallelujahs ring.

Our sins are gone, He took them all
And nailed them to the tree.
He rose again - He's coming back;
We stand in Victory!

Let us rejoice in the Lord
And let our spirit sing.
Let us rejoice in the Lord
Our hallelujahs ring,
Our hallelujahs ring,
Sing praises to our King!

(Music for this song)

Tell me friend - are you like Daisy? Hungry, thirsty, no friends or home?
Well, you can find the same home that Daisy found if you open the door to
Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He will be your friend forevermore.
You see riches do not save you - only Jesus can.

All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.
(John 6:37)