A One Act Play - by Sue Seaman
The Players: Marianne - a Lady. Josh - her beloved. Martha - her Maid.
The Scene: The garden of a large country house.

Two years had passed since Marianne had seen Josh. Someone had told her he was dead - others that he had been badly wounded. But in her heart she had the witness that she would see him again. He would return!

She gazes out onto the garden and her mind flashes back two years.....

Scene 1- Memories

"Martha I am expecting a friend
He will be arriving here at two.
I'll be in the garden if he happens to call
Perhaps you'll send him through?"

"Yes M'Lady."

(The door bell rings. The maid goes to the door to answer)

"I have come to see Marianne,
She is expecting me.
I only met her yesterday
And she invited me to tea."

"That's right sir.
If you would like to come this way.
M'Lady is in the garden
As it's such a lovely day."

"Oh, Josh, I'm glad to see you
Since our meeting yesterday.
That will be all Martha,
Please leave us if you may."

"I have some news to tell you
I have to go away.
It's an important mission
That's all that I can say."

"What kind of mission is it?
Will we ever meet again?"

"Yes, you can be sure
That we will meet again.
I've enrolled to fight in battle
Unto the utmost end.
Though it grieves my heart to leave you
For I love you my dear friend.

My love for you will strengthen
Even though we'll be apart.
And we will be entwined
By the chords that join our hearts."

"How long will you be gone?
My beloved, tell me now."

"When the Roses bloom again my love,
I will return for you.
Just keep me in your heart my love
Our love is sweet and true."

"My love for you will never die
And you delight in me.
That moment I first met you
Was 'neath the apple tree.
I know this love's from Heaven

The feelings you've revealed
That I'm the apple of your eye
And soon you will reveal
The love we share together
Goes much deeper still."

"I know that you will miss me
But sorrow not for me.
I'm doing it for you my love
Only believe.

When you see the Rose, the Lily
When you see them bloom.
Let not your heart be troubled
Let not your heart feel gloom."

"I praise you my beloved
For comfort in those words.
I do believe - that what you say
Is faithful and is sure."

"Let us embrace and say farewell
How long? I cannot tell."

(As Marianne closes the door behind him in her thoughts she hears the voice of Martha.)

Scene 2 - Back to reality

"Pardon me, M'Lady, for disturbing you in thought
But is it over love, that now your mind is caught?
You do not seem the same
Since the Roses bloomed again."

"Though they are more beautiful
Than they were last year
My memories are of loved ones
Of whom I do not hear."

"The promise I was given
Were truly words he meant
I know the words will come to pass
The words were heaven sent."

"M'Lady, folk have said
That the battle is now long gone
That the braves ones are all dead."

"That we ought let go the memories
But what they say is wrong
For the men who fought in battle
Were not weak - but strong."

"I too, have heard them speaking
I too, believe as you,
That something very wonderful
Will happen - very soon."

"Though my beloved may be scarred
I believe he is alive
The blooms are not as last year
For they did not survive."

"I will go to cut some flowers
To decorate the room
I can taste and smell the fragrance
Of this heavenly bloom"

Scene 3 - A Visitor

(Marianne goes to the potting shed to fetch a basket. As she comes out she notices a man bending over admiring the flowers.)

"Oh, gardener, I did not know that you were here
Do not the roses, brighten and bring cheer?"

(The man turns around - not the gardener but her beloved Josh.)

"Marianne, sweet Marianne
Do you remember who I am?
Remember, that I said I would
Come for you again."

"I have seen the Roses
Sweet little buds in view
This garden is so beautiful
It speaks to me of you."

"Josh my love, can it be you?
Beneath those awful scars.
I didn't recognise you at first
But now I see your face."

"I know that you are here to stay
You have returned for me this day.
Your face I longed to touch
I have missed you very much."

"Look into my eyes Marianne
And tell me what you see."

"I see a man so powerful
That others may not see."

"Your promise was to me
Kept within my heart
And now we are together
And no longer will we part."

"Let us walk throughout the garden
In the splendour of it all.
To gaze upon this garden
Reveals the Glory of our Lord."

"The fountain flows so clean and pure
And the apples are sweeter than last year
The new vine has the sweeter grapes
The herbs and spices a better taste."

"Come let us Wed, together we will share
In a banquet - a feast I have prepared."

"The invitations have gone out
Many will come there is no doubt.
Go, tell Martha I am here, I know she doth believe
Her heart reveals that I am here but tell her 'come and see'."

(Marianne goes into the house and beckons Martha to join her in the garden.)

"Martha, my dear, come and see,
Josh is here, He's here with me."

"Oh sir, oh Master, what can anybody say?
But thanks be - that you are alive today."

The Bible tells the story of Mary Magdalene in a garden. She was where Jesus had been placed in a tomb after His crucifixion. Seeing Him alive in she thought Him to be the gardener.
Then He called her name - and she knew it was her Lord, alive! He had risen from the dead! (John Ch 20:15,16)

Jesus is still alive! He wants to walk in the garden of your heart - and He is calling you.
He wants to make your life like a beautiful garden.

Jesus paid the price for our sin when He died on the Cross and rose again from the dead. Now He wants to deal with the sin in your life and give you a brand new heart.

If you will come to Him and ask Him to forgive your sin He will. He will return one day for you - to take you to the banquet He has prepared in heaven for all who trust in Him.

Here is a simple prayer you might like to use:

Jesus I know I am a sinner and I ask you to forgive me.
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and take control of my life.
I know you died and rose again and I trust you as my Saviour and my Friend.