Smart Dressed Man (c)2006, 2008
A Short Sketch - by Sue Seaman

The Players:
Albert (an elderly man) - Edna (Albert's neighbour)

Opening Scene - Inside Albert's house
Albert was old and lived alone. Albert was also poor.
Right now he needed new shoes and new clothes. But he didn’t have the money to go and buy them so he just had to rely on the Lord to provide for his need. He was happy - rich in spirit and knew Jesus as his Saviour. So trusting in Jesus he got down and started to pray.

Lord, please help me - my shoes are old with holes
My trousers have tears and my Jacket is so shabby after all these years.
Lord, I know I can rely on You to meet my need
please supply me shoes and trews - make me a happy man indeed.

Just then the doorbell rings and Albert totters to the door.
There stood Edna Average – she’d rung the bell before.
Edna was his neighbour – a kindly friend so true.

Hello Edna.
What can I do for you?

Well it’s what I can do for you in fact
I have some tasty clothes within this bag - you seem to be so very glad.

Well Edna my friend, it’s great to see you there.
You have come just in time - the answer to my prayer.
The Lord has provided yet again - you give me clothes to wear.
I can tell that you’re a kindly soul – I know you really care.

I was sorting out Stan’s wardrobe, when I thought I heard a sound
Like somebody was praying - so I suddenly turned around.
I put these clothes into the bag, but I don’t mean to brag
They were far too good for jumble – they’re not just bits of rag.
Then I thought I heard a rumble (thinking someone had a tumble)
But now I know it was the mumble, of a man just being humble with his prayer
So I gathered these belongings and hurried down the stairs.
You see Stan’s put on some weight - so none of them now fit
And then I thought of you dear Albert and well, that was it!

Thank you so much Edna they are perfect indeed
And God has provided yet again for my every need.

I do so hope they fit you as I only took a guess.
But if they fit you ‘dapper’ well, then you are truly heaven blessed!

Of course they will dear Edna - I believe that you are right
God knows me inside-out you know (mind you, the trousers look quite tight.)

It’s just as if I heard a voice “Albert has a need”
So I knocked upon your door and I think you have agreed
That God has bid me come here to see what I would see
Now Albert is a happy man. I can see you’re really pleased.

I was just in prayer Edna - I asked the Lord for clothes
And my prayers by God, were answered - my love for Him just grows.
You best be going now, my neighbour Edna dear
Else you will catch me crying whilst you are standing here.

Very well dear Albert, I will be on my way,
But don’t forget if you need help - you only have to say.
Stan and I will help you - like neighbours should indeed
We’ll help if we are able - in prayer and in your need.

Inside, He opens up the bag and there, to his great surprise
He sees that the clothes that Edna brought - they smell so fresh and nice.
He starts to put the new clothes on – straight over all his old.
But old should be replaced by new
In God - new life unfolds.

He then takes all garments out just one piece at a time
With two legs in one leg hole - Albert’s doing fine.
He puts the white shirt on and then he rolls up both the sleeves
But the mothballs in the jacket start to make him sneeze.

Inside out – the jacket first, then back to front it’s on
Then realises his silliness and sees what he’s done wrong.
The Jacket now is on again - this time the right way ‘round
As the hallway clock strikes to make a sound.

Now he’s putting on new socks inside his nice new shoes
Now Albert’s feeling ‘hip’ a ‘cool’ in fact a real cool ‘dude.’
He sprinkles his clean-shaven face, with some nice cool balm
He is a dapper of a fellow - and so full of charm.
So Albert looks into the mirror standing on the floor
And nods at his reflection as he walks towards the door

Not bad, not bad, not bad at all (as he sizes himself up)
I have not looked and felt so good since England won the cup!
(1966 for those who don’t remember)

Albert has a smiling face – he’s feeling cool – amazed
Up and down then sideways to express his praise
He leaps and bounds excitedly (but gets into a daze)

I’d better slow it down a bit, my mind is in haze.
The women now will say wow! Who’s that, eh? Who?
Until I shake their hands and say I am Albert. How do you do?
Once they would avoid me for being such a scruff
Now I’m looking handsome – they just can’t get enough!

Grabbing Bible off the shelf, he hurries to the church he knows so well
He’s off to meet the Pastor - Pastor Alan Bell.
The Pastor looks at Albert - his face just says it all
Albert is just beaming with excitement as he sits upon a stool.

Albert has a testimony, of why he’s dressed so well.
Let Albert tell you all about it - and here’s the man himself.

Albert stands up on the platform in his really smart new clothes
And shares in testimony God’s provision so that everybody knows.
Now everyone knows Albert who looks so smart and neat
You may just catch that cool old dude walking down the street.

There is nothing God can not provide – He always will come through
God provided Albert’s need - He can provide for you.
So seek ye first His kingdom - His righteousness too
He’ll ensure that all these things are added unto you.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
(Matthew 6:33)