HE PAID THE DEBT.(c)2000, 2008
A One Act Play - by Sue Seaman
The Scene: A Motorway.

Scene 1- The Motorway

A man is stopped whilst speeding on a motorway. The car has no road tax and no MOT certificate. The driver has no driving licence and the car is in a shabby condition with bald tyres and rusty head lamps.

A policeman approaches the car as the driver pulls the car to a halt......

"Excuse me sir. May I see your driving licence please?"

"Er, I haven't got one"

"I see. Insurance?"

"Er, um, I haven't got any"

"Oh dear. I don't suppose you have any documents at all?"

"Er, um, I.... er, er, um....no."

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You had best be coming with me down to the station.
I'm afraid I am going to have to charge you. Broken every one in the book, you have!"

Scene 2- A Court Room - One week later.

The courtroom is filled with nervous murmerings as everyone takes their seats.

"Quiet please."

The man takes the stand, trembling at the knees.

A Lawyer walks up to the accused man to question him.

"Now. let me outline the facts as I understand them.
You were caught speeding along the motorway at 90 m.p.h with no MOT, no road tax, you have no driving licence or insurance, the tyres on your car were dangerously bald and the headlamps were rusty and about to fall out. Is that true?."

The man:
"Yes sir."

"How do you plead?"

The man:
"Guilty sir."

"The court will adjourn whilst I consider sentence.
We will reconvene in fifteen minutes."

Scene 3 - The same Court Room - fifteen minutes later.

"Having considered all of the evidence against you and taking into account your own admission of guilt I have no choice but to fine you 1000. If you cannot pay I must send you to prison for 6 months."

The man:
"But I cannot pay. I don't have the money."

"Then prison it is. Take him away.
Case closed."

The man is led away, sobbing.

Scene 4 - The next day - The Prison.

Prison Warder:
"Hey, you have a visitor."

The Prisoner:
"Who me?"

Prison Warder:
"It's seems someone has paid your fine. You are free to go- thanks to your friend."

"I have paid your fine - the debt you owed. Now you are free.."

The Prisoner:

Scene 5 - Outside the prison gates.

The man is seen walking away - Free!

A very simple story.
But a very plain illustration of the gospel message.

Jesus did for us what the friend in our story did for the prisoner. He paid the penalty for all we were guilty of.

The Bible calls all that we are guilty of - sin. And not one of us is able to meet the demands which the law would make.
We simply could not pay the price of our own sin.

But Jesus has paid it for us!
When Jesus died on the cross He paid the full price for all sin.

And to receive it all we must do is ackowledge that we are totally guilty and unable to pay the the price ourselves.
When we do that we can freely receive the gift of freedom from sin and it's consequences.

Like the prisoner in our story we will be able to receive our freedom!

Here is a simple prayer you could use to ask Jesus to forgive you:

Jesus I know that I have sinned and I acknowledge how I cannot do anything to pay the price of my sin.
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and forgive my sin.
I know you died to pay the price of my sin. I now receive you as my Saviour and my Friend.