Last Moments
Sue Seaman

Old lady sits alone
In her rocking chair;
She’s looking through her album,
And knows her end is near.
She looks at all the pictures
Of those lonely bygone days
And the man she loved, who left her -
And quickly turns the page.
She’s old but she remembers
Those good (and bad) old days
She shuts her eyes and slowly
And gently… slips away.

A lonely old lady, she’d seen life to the full
But did she die knowing the Saviour of us all?


And that is a very important question. We need to ask ourselves the same question – do I know the Saviour?

The fact is that the older we get and the longer we leave it - the less time we have left on this earth to do anything about it!
We need to ask ourselves - where will I be spending eternity?

Maybe you are an elderly person and this poem has struck a cord in your heart. Well there is good news! Today is the day you can make that important decision to follow Jesus and have the absolute assurance of where you will spend eternity when your days on this earth draw to an end.

Followers of Jesus are those who repent of their sin and ask Jesus in to their lives.

Here is a simple prayer you could use:

Lord Jesus,
I know I have lived my life for myself.
I now repent of my sin and ask you to forgive me,
cleanse me and come into my heart and into my life.

There may not be many days left to decide. But praise God we are never too old to turn to Jesus!
And He will never turn us away.