Lest we forget
        by Sue Seaman
Sitting by our firesides
In our cosy little homes
Sipping tea and coffee
Enjoying a fires warmth and glow
But we forget so easily
The world of ours outside
Shouldnít we be praying,
And in Godís Word abide?

There are people, old and lonely
Who need a special friend
Sick, and the disabled suffering
And there seems to be no end.
Longing for someone to come along side
When somebody close to them, suddenly, has died
Lest we forget Gethsemane
We should, in Godís word, abide.

Children throughout the world are starving
Some, even at our door
Didnít Jesus command us to go -
And to feed the poor?
Many in our land today
Are being made redundant
But didnít Jesus tell us that in Him
There is life abundant?
Lest we forget Gods only Son
Who bore our Sins - the Crucified One

Governments voice their strong opinions
When they gather in the Commons
But big ideas just fade away
And people face the summons
Law and Order gone - it was Ďboomí but now itís Ďbustí
Because those who had plenty, grabbed for more in their lust.
Lest we forget what Jesus said ďa rich man may lose his soulĒ
But Jesus can restore each one and make him whole.

Jesus came for sinners
He is seeking them today
His love is free to all that believe
Open up your heart and receive
Jesus paid the price for our sin
Letís open our hearts and let him in.
Lest we forget what Jesus said
Receive Him as Saviour now Ė or as Judge when we are dead!

Life is given to us by God. Let's use it to serve Him - by serving others