Shop 'til you drop
        by Sue Seaman
Once our towns were bustling
As shoppers lined the streets
Retailers showed much enterprise
They earned enough from sales, each week.

But now, shoppers have less money
They are getting ‘strapped’ for cash
Smaller shops are closing
Though prices they have slashed.

The superstores are thriving
Getting shoppers by the score
With cheaper goods on offer
They keep coming back for more.

People have an interest
In visiting shopping malls
One day at the weekend
They come from miles and miles.

Once, weekends were for families
A stroll along the beach or park
But no one wants to venture far
They want to be home before its dark.

Once, Mothers could leave outside
Their baby, in the pram
While they popped into the shop
To buy a pot of jam

Policeman could leave their bikes
Inside a shop way door
But with crime the way it is today
They can’t do that anymore.

People feel uneasy,
They never feel relaxed
So shopping is their respite,
But they forget about the tax

Some say it eases troubles
And that is why they go
But ‘shop until you drop’
Will only make things worse, you know.

As shopping all the time brings debt
“Only a handful of credit cards,” you say
And fears assail – with no money left
Can you afford the monthly rate to pay?

Why not stop and listen,
To this good advice
You recognise your debt of money
With woes on every side

But your real debt is not money
The financial mess you’re in
It goes much further than that
It’s the selfish ‘debt of sin’

For the answer to your troubles
And they will not ‘go away’
Put your hope in Jesus
Your debt He wants to pay

For Jesus paid the debt for all
And Jesus paid your debt - in full

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)