A Tramp's Tale
     by Sue Seaman
A chilly wind was blowing
On a cold, autumn night
Where all the leaves had fallen
It looked a gusty sight.

A tramp slumped in a corner
Of a shop-way door
Sheltering from the blustery wind
He was cold, tired, hungry - poor

He was old and unshaven
Which covered up his past
His bristly white beard hid his hurts
He wore it as a mask

It was then he heard, some gentle singing
Or was it just a ringing in his ears?
Then church bells were chiming
And he knew a church was near

Without hesitation, he got upon his feet
And headed towards the sound
Down the cobbled street
Nobody was around, and there the little church he found

As he drew near to the church
He heard somebody preaching
A light shone through a window
His limbs were cold and aching

In through the church door he went
It felt so familiar
He sensed he’d been there before
And he began to feel peculiar

Nobody seemed to take much notice
As he sat down at the back
The load of troubles he had carried
Were there, bundled in his sack

He had travelled on the road for years
And had been down every track
Hoping for a change of life
And the happiness he lacked

The preacher caught a glimpse of him
Then he began to pray:
“Those who will accept the Lord,
Please come, without delay”

“For Jesus wants to cleanse you
And take all your sins away,
You know Jesus has been speaking
Make this your special day!”

The tramp did not hesitate
And he walked straight down the aisle
He heard God speaking to him
And he felt just like a child

This was the chance he’d longed for
When he approached the pastor, face to face
He had a lot of confessing to do
But God is a God of grace

He knelt down at the pulpit
Before a wooden cross
Pastor prayed and was by his side
The tramp poured out his heart and gently cried

The Lord Jesus had touched his heart
When he had reached out in faith
All his sins - completely gone
On this day when he believed

Now he belonged to Jesus
And Jesus belonged to him
A new life with God’s spirit,
He had received within

Now he could declare publicly
And no longer be alone
For he was no longer homeless,
For heaven is his home.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. (Matthew Ch 7 vv 7-8)