A Veggie Ode & Riddle
     by Sue Seaman
Churches are like mushrooms
They spring up everywhere
The congregation, like turnips
They ‘turn up’ from anywhere

People sit down in their seats
With visitors glad to greet
From Sweden they are pleased to meet
Sitting at the front - a pair of Swedes

The Pastor gives the sermon
He talks on the scriptures of peace
A prayer time after the meeting
Our prayers, they will not cease

People are grouped together
Like little pods of peas
“Lettuce pray” they say
Then comes a great release

When prayers are given up to God
We have only to believe
Placing burdens down like a sack of spuds
Can only bring relief!

Trouble and strife like seeds do grow
When we worry about to-marrow
And bury our heads inside a burrow
Clouded with regrets and sorrow

Throw back those tears my art-i-choke
Look up to God, those words he spoke
Face red as beetroot embarrassed tears are shed
And your feet are all muddy from paths that you tread

When we realise we have sinned from birth
Under God’s judgement our sin’s a great curse.
We are like carrots pulled up from under the earth
Calling out to God for mercy, blessing – new birth

Hidden down within the ground
From the miry clay we are found
From the darkness and into the light
The awesome sun looks radiant and bright

On solid ground we are then placed
Everything now in a brighter place
No more darkness, in our sight
And in God’s presence, it feels so right

Our staple food and diet
To sustain us through each day
Not just for food but spiritually too
Do these words express your thoughts and impact upon you?

Would you like the Saviour
To take your heavy load of care?
He’ll pull you from the mud and mire
Call from your heart Jesus’ name - Messiah

Jesus will take away your sin
Reach for the Son and follow Him
How many vegetables are in our Ode?
Count them as you now unload

(Answer 10)

He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. (Psalm 40 v 2)