Secret Love
     by Sue Seaman
On a smoky platform
Where a steam train waits
A young romantic couple
Wait beside the platform gate.
They hand the guard their tickets
Which he then proceeds to ‘clip’
And they walk away, arm in arm
With love’s gentle skip

The lovers board the train
And close the door behind
So much in love, they know for sure
When ‘they’ say love is blind
They kiss and sit with hands held tight
Behind the doors, now out of sight
Kept out of view from public eye
Their ‘secret’ love will soar and fly

But Jesus knows their secret
As much as He does yours
You see there is nothing hidden
From the Saviour, that’s for sure,
He knows your hidden secrets
Of which you are not proud
But Jesus won’t ‘shout it from the rooftops’
Like the public would - out loud

No. Jesus knows the thoughts and intents
Of every heart and soul and mind
And Jesus is a trusted Friend
Whose gentle, love you’ll find.
Everyone needs the love of Jesus
A love they seek in friends
But friends can be unreliable
And sometimes selfish to the end

Jesus will not depart from you
For Jesus, yes, His love is true
He will love you till the end
In spite of all the things you do
For Jesus is a trusted Friend
One on whom you can depend
Jesus will not be your ‘secret’ love
God’s love is sent from heaven above

The love we show to one another is a wonderful thing. God has given us the ability to love and when we demonstrate love to each other it is a reflection of His love for us.

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)