We often face the giants
When we walk with Jesus Christ
There come testing times to endure
But Jesus helps us win the fight.

Maybe you are struggling
With giant situations
However things might seem right now
There will come jubilation

If your giant is ill health
And you fight for every breath
Jesus takes away the pain
If in prayer you come in faith.

Maybe there are things that tempt
And lead you far from God
Like Adam’s sin in Eden
Which took Jesus to the cross.

Sometimes temptation can be good
It may prove we are alive
So long as we don’t go too far
But cling to Jesus to survive

Jesus always makes a way
If the temptation gets too strong
His love and grace and strength are ours
To keep us from all wrong

Facing the Giants
 by Sue Seaman


The giants of temptation
May seem to have a hold
But like Jesus, we can be strong
And powerful and bold

There are giants in the land,
And giant steps to take
Let us take the hand of Jesus
And not the Father’s heart, us break

Remember shepherd David
With just five small stones he took
And killed the giant Goliath
What a turn up for the book!

God helped him win that fight
And God will help you too
If you ask him, and in His good time
He will bring you through.

I do not say it’s easy
Facing troubles when they come
But we need to face the giants
Face to face, not flee or run.

Come let us reason now
And ask for Father’s strength and help
Then we will see those trials overthrown
And God’s peace will overwhelm.