by Sue Seaman

Dolly is on the catwalk scene
Where other fashion stars have been.
Her hair is short and honey fair,
The lights are bright, the audience stare.
She walks up and down, while the people frown
At the dress she wears, made of satin brown.

Nobody knows the anguish and pain
Which she hides behind her smile.
The lights will be going out for the night
In just a little while.
The show will be over and she'll be going home
To a cold apartment, where she lives alone.

People tried to warn her about this way of life,
But Dolly didn't listen, she wouldn't take advice.
Inside her heart is breaking with the emptiness she feels-
This 'life of fame and fortune'
Is anything but real.

Now, Dolly, what would Jesus say
If He were here with you today?
I think He'd say as He did of old:
"Come unto me." For so we're told
He counselled those weary and burdened with sin
And they only found rest as they came to Him.
Dolly, just yield to Him, take my advice -
Trust the One who declared:
"I'm the Way, Truth and Life."