I like to see a garden
That’s deep in shining hue.
The flowers and the plants,
That grow there all year through

I like to see the Pansies
Laid out in tidy rows
And the Roses and the Dahlias
That in sunny corners grow.

Foxgloves, lavender, Lilacs
All these spring into life
And Fuchsias - so bell-like
Just imagine if they chimed!

As I walk the garden
I see boughs that droop quite low
And when the breeze blows on the leaves
They seem to say “Hello.”

A Garden Poem
 by Sue Seaman


Jesus walks in my garden
I can feel his presence near
God’s love flows through my garden
Each month throughout the year

You are closer to God in the garden
Or so the saying goes
So talk to God in the garden
Let new life spring and grow

Jesus walked another garden
Gethsemane was its name
He knelt down and prayed for each of us
The Cross the only way!

Next time you’re in your garden
And see the beauty there
Thank the Lord for every tree and flower
And know He’s very near.