All Things New
 by Sue Seaman


And as many as walk
According to this rule
Let peace and mercy, be upon them all
For nothing will trouble you
When you are free from sin
And filled with God’s Spirit
Which abides within.

None of us can boast
At all within the flesh
For the Spirit gives life
But the flesh just brings death
And those that are born again
Are truly heaven blessed!

Except for in the cross
Where we can boast in the Lord
We can boast of nothing else
According to His Word
Jesus, the atonement for our sin
Makes us new inside when we let Him in

We become new creations
And all our sins are gone
Good takes place in our hearts
And takes away all wrong
When we walk with the Lord we’re no longer weak
For His Spirit makes us strong.

I urge you - come and follow
Just heed the call today
Jesus gives His grace to all
He’s been calling since the fall,
Come and bow the knee and pray
And make this your ‘brand new day.’