A woman is sitting in a room
Of an old people’s nursing home
She’s oblivious to her surroundings
That she’s sitting there alone.

Her family would sometimes visit her
But she doesn’t remember them
Echoes of her past now faded
But sometimes come flooding back again.

Instead of feeling happy
She is feeling rather sad
Some people who don’t know her
Would think that she’s gone mad.

Her emotions overcome her
For she is struggling now to cope
And her husband is choked up inside
As he knows there is no hope.

She no longer recognises him
And his heart is filled with pain
He’s tried so many times to enter her world
But all has been in vain.

All he has are memories
And he clings on to God’s Truth!
And to remember all those happy times
He used to spend with Ruth.

He steps outside the room
And sheds another tear
He has seen his wife deteriorate
Through these stressful last few years.

The illness now affects her mind
Whilst he himself is partially blind,
When a Man loves a Woman you usually find
He’ll do anything for her, and love her till she dies.

He goes back into the room
And he remembers her in her youth
With her golden flowing hair,
Eyes that once sparkled, oceans blue.

When a Man loves a Woman
 by Sue Seaman



Oh, how he loved her from the start
Never imagined they would be apart
Her eyes are sullen now, and her hair has turned to grey
And he remembers the day she went away.

But now life has had to change for both of them
As they become like strangers, yet again
Only love ties them together,
And in their hearts, God’s love remains.

He walks across to the player
And puts some soft music on for a while
He holds her close to him
And he thought he saw her smile.

He stayed a little longer
Sat down upon her bed
He cuddled her and kissed her
And caressed her weary head.

Night time fell upon them
As they cuddled up and slept
God sent his angels to them that night
By morning both were dead.

Now hand in hand they walk together
Upon the golden shores
Both now in the presence of God the father
The One they worshipped and adored.

Gone is all the suffering
Gone is all the pain
Gone is all the crying
For only love remains.

God will never leave us
Or forsake us when we’re His
Every little prayer we utter
God listens in and He hears!

Love bears all things
In your suffering you have shown
Believes all things and the truth you have known
Hopes, all things and problems will then cease
Love never fails when God is on your side
And now abides faith, hope and peace

But the greatest of these is LOVE!