A Soldier's Letter
 by Sue Seaman


A soldier in conflict, miles from home
In a bunker all alone,
Sheltering in a war torn zone
Fear, touching him in his bones.

He takes out paper and takes out pen
And sits down to write home again
Outside, young men prepare to fly
To the enemy - some will die.

Darling Jane, he starts to write
Things here at camp are not quite right
I long to see you once again
Separation just drives me insane.

During basic training
I felt a passion in my soul
Remembering Christian conversion
And how God had made me whole.

As I write, my fingers tremble
My mind is in a daze
I see those bullets flying
Scenes I can't erase.

My thought is often
'How am I still alive?'
Men are killed and injured.
Right before my eyes.

I'll be home soon darling,
I promise - if I can.
I am hoping to get leave soon
Just like the other men.

I am busy making plans
For all I want to do
That is, to serve the Lord
And to be with all of you.

Tell the children "Be good girls"
And do their studies well
Their writing and their drawing's great
To see them grown - I just can't wait.

I keep your picture near my heart
You are missed so much it hurts.
I send kisses and my love whilst gone
And end my letter here - Love, John

So Jane reads the letter
And feels a little better
Knowing John is still alive
And prays for him, that he'll survive.

She kisses his picture
As she sits upon the bed
And wipes a little tear
From the page that she has read.

And now she cries
With the children by her side
She trusts that his passion for Jesus
Will direct and guide.

"Don't cry mummy. Daddy will soon be home
And we will be no more alone
Things are going to turn out right."
Then kissing Daddy's picture and their mummy, say "Goodnight."

The months go by
More letters changing hands
John returns and is quite a different man
Just as he said, and just as he planned

His service in the church began
And really sensed the Lord again.
"Thank you Lord, you never gave up on me
And kept my precious family.

"I want to be a window
That my children see right through
I want to be what you want me to be
By trusting and serving you."