A quiet voice, of gentleness,
Softly speaks my name.
"How are you my child?"
He speaks it once again.

His love comes softly to me
Instilled within my heart
My Lord, my master and my friend
We'll never be apart.

He also is my Comforter,
Who comforts, in my grief.
Without the comfort of my Lord
I cannot begin to live.

His love comes softly to me
When at night I hear Him say:
"Come dear child, come to me now"
I then begin to pray.

My heavenly father is right there,
And listens when I pray;
His love comes softly to me
Throughout each passing day!

Love comes softly to me
 by Sue Seaman
  Do not fear my child
  When troubles do assail,
  For I am your Comforter
  And I will never fail.

  "I'll be there right beside you
  Just trust and follow me";
  His love comes softly to me
  And His sweet face I can see.

  His love comes softly to me,
  There is nothing left to fear;
  For my Lord, My God, my Comforter
  Will wipe away my tear!

  If you need a comforter,
  Who you can call your friend
  I recommend a faithful One
  On whom you can depend.

  Love comes softly to you
  You will hear His gentle best,
  "Come unto me you weary
  And I will give you rest!"