The Boy at The Window
 by Sue Seaman

A young boy at the window
Looking out onto the drive
He sees a car pull up
On the gravel, just outside

His heart misses a beat
Maybe it's mum and dad?
But he is in this orphanage
Because his folks are dead

Out steps a middle-aged couple
Both so smartly dressed
He wonders why he has to impress
Dressed in his Sunday best

The house manager opens the front door
When she hears the doorbell ring
Says "Hello" to them both
And then invites them in

Each young child and him included
Step into a room
The children then form a line
All looking nicely groomed

There they stand all nice and neat
With shiny shoes, upon their feet
Hair neatly combed, parted for boys
And ribbons and bows for some of the girls.

The couple glance at each in turn
They long for one - their own
Inside their hearts emotions yearn
To take one to their home

Their eyes both land upon a girl
In a pretty coloured bow
Our young boy's face looks, deeply sad
As he remembers parents he once had.

Each child leaves - goes back to play
The young boy looks so dismayed
Goes to his window, begins to mope
The couple leave but with more hope.

Later, signing papers with a smile
They'll have their child in just a while
The young boy hears his name, when called
"Thomas, come with me along the hall."

He enters the manager's office,
Head low and shoulders bent
Has God answered his prayer?
Are these people heaven sent?

The couple hug and kiss him
To make their feelings known
This little boy is chosen.
They would be taking Thomas home.

"We will love you," they tell the boy
"You will bring us pride and joy,
A new life, filled with love and gladness
That you will now enjoy."

"You are our gift from God," they said
"We feel so truly blessed.
Had you any idea, we chose you?"
Thomas never dared to guess.

Too many times he'd been let down
His faith put to the test
But God knew the right parents for him
And God provides the best.

The young boy at the window
Well, he's no longer there
For God provided parents
Their life and home he'll share

He will be well cared for
In the coming days and years
No longer feeling unloved
God has wiped away his tears.

A young girl at the window
Prays without resentment
That she might catch a couple's eye
Who might become her parents.

We too are all adopted children
When we turn to God our Father
Through Jesus His begotten Son,
The Way is through no other.