Jesus Commands Us to Go
 by Sue Seaman


Jesus commands us to go
To show many people the way
Leading them away from the road to darkness
Onto the path of brighter days

Directing them to truth
They haven't known before
Leading them onto the narrow path
That leads to the Saviours door

There they will see a hilltop
Where Jesus died upon the cross
And leaving their heavy burdens
Their sins will all be gone.

Friends will be beside them
Guiding them along the way
Helping them study God's word in truth
And teaching them how to pray

See how they then grow spiritually
Discerning good from bad
Trusting only in the Saviour
And in the things that He has planned

For the Spirit will give utterance
Upon God's mountainside
The walk may sometimes be quite rough
But Jesus is our guide.

All things work together for good
As we obey what Christ commands
He will lead us through our problems
And keep us safe from harm

So brothers, sisters, parents, friends
Jesus is with us until the end
Be obedient and not dismayed
God's blessing is yours upon life's way.