A Prisoner Set Free
by Sue Seaman

Calling prisoner number ten -
A vagrant, a vagabond smelling of gin,
Guilty of crime, number one suspect
Led to a cell.

"How long will he get?" his mother cries.
No one could say.
The cell door is shut the key is turned,
Prisoner alone, his heart it yearns.
"Why did I do it?" he thinks to himself.
"Was I that hungry for riches and wealth?"

Chained and bound he feels inside
Twisted and shaken, verdict: life.
"Why did I do it?" Things go round in his head,
He doesn't realise that a life without Jesus
leaves him utterly dead.

The night falls and blackness fills the cell,
But God had heard this man cry out
On his way to hell.
In time all things would be well.

A prisoner still, but somewhere he read
About a Man who lived, then was dead.
He died, who took our sin and shame,
Nailed it to His cross and rose again.
This same Man will come again
To reign

The thief on the cross with Jesus
Was guilty of all he had done.
But Jesus was perfect and sinless
And Jesus was guilty of none.

He asked Jesus to remember him
When he came to his throne
Jesus replied "Today, you will be with me in paradise"
My kingdom - your home.