The Battlefield
 by Sue Seaman



Our lives can be a battlefield,
On many an occasion.
With armour on, equipped by God,
We can triumph tribulations.

Putting on the armour,
We defeat the enemy camp.
With light from our Lord Jesus,
We don't need an ordinary lamp.

For the Spirit gives us wisdom,
And helps us win the fight.
The battle fought is spiritual,
The fight is day and night.

When we feel the battle raging,
We will not know defeat.
And with the Bible as our sword,
We'll knock the enemy off his feet.

With prayer our greatest weapon,
And our prayers working effectively.
We bring all our supplications,
And wait on Him expectantly.

Believers, fear not the enemy,
We are on the winning side.
Nothing comes between God and us,
Because His love abides.

Don't give up when you wait,
For God to answer prayer.
He will meet your need in time,
Because He's a God who cares.