God's Love Never Fails
 by Sue Seaman

Our Awesome God
Will never let you go
For the big news in the Bible
Is that the God of love, loves you so

He has imprinted your name
On the palms of his hands
His precious thoughts about you
Outnumber grains of sand.

You never leave His mind
Or even escape His sight
Or ever leave His thoughts
Through the passing of the night


You need not win His love
You already have it now
He sees the worst of you
But loves you anyhow

Your sins of yesterday
Through Gods love have been erased
And your failures in the future
In God's book, reveal a spotless page

Everyday a deed of your life
Has passed before His eyes
And in His plans He decided
When you would follow Christ!

Nothing can separate you from God
Even through the trials
Take heart with this amazing truth
That God's love never fails!