Albert liked to totter
Around his little flat
He loved his tea and biscuits
And adored his little cat.

But sometimes he got lonely
A friendly face would do him good
He needed a friend to talk to
As any person would.

Albert longed to entertain visitors
That had a listening ear!
He would even entertain angels
If God sent them, Albert was sincere

Then one day it happened
When Albert was having forty winks
He felt a presence in the room and awoke
On the table were biscuits and a drink!

Albert had been startled
By the rattling of the cups
A woman was in the kitchen
Doing his washing up.

Unexpected Visitors
 by Sue Seaman


Well, Albert was surprised
"Are you an angel in disguise?"
She smiled at him and replied "maybe"
He invited her to stay and have some tea.

She said his door was open
As she looked to see what she could see
There sitting on Albert's lap
His little cat, purring contentedly!

Then friends came from his local church
Who knew of Albert's need
And they offered up some prayer
For God is in the midst of them, when two or three are there.

Albert's prayers were answered
By our God upon His throne
And from that day on God's faithful servants
Made visits to his home.

So let brotherly love continue
Not just Sunday - but all year through
And God will shower blessings
Upon all His works you do.