by Sue Seaman

Our life is like a fairground
If we care to take a look
Our lives just like carousel - round and round
Trying to find that solid ground

The Big Wheel circles high in the sky
But life is not high all the time
The Roller Coaster - fast and slow
Reminding us of hustle, bustle the life we know

Dodgem cars are buzzing - lots of lights and sound
Our life is like a Dodgem when we stop to look around
The bumps we face in life - we end up feeling bruised
Even feeling torn and battered and sometimes even used.

Though the Fairground sounds and lights
Are appealing to the eye
But what's the purpose of this sparkle?
If thatís all we have - then die.

Then eating candyfloss, which gets stuck in our hair
Itís like those sticky situations we canít hide or bear
Our boots get muddy in the fairground mud and mire
But we know that God is Truth and every man a liar

Now the fairground is like the world - our picture over all
Do we want to just continue - living like a fool?
For the fairground comes - the fairground will go
Just like this world, and all we know.

New life can be found in Jesus, my friend
This world is coming to its end
Jesus heals the broken heart - gives new life from above
Itís a challenge you face now - and a life change you would love.

So leave the fairground of this world behind and in Jesus youíll be found
And faith will set your feet upon the higher, solid ground.
No more sticky situations
No more ups and downs
Give your heart to Jesus and then youíre homeward bound.