Candy Sweets and Chocolate Treats
by Sue Seaman

Candy Sweets and chocolate treats
Ease our sugar levels high
The Mars bars, and the Milky Ways
Will point us to the sky.

We Aero up and then come down
Like bubbles falling to the ground
But then we are like Smarties and scatter to the floor
Embarrassed by our weaknesses we head towards the door.

We will rise to our feet again
From the ‘sweet shop’ we will go
Life’s real sweet things are in God’s Word
These sweet things we can know.

The Bible’s more than candy, sitting on a plate.
Why not reach and take it before you are too late.
Don’t leave it sitting on the plate, (else you’ll be very sorry mate)
Take a step of faith
You’ll find the Bible true
God’s word is more than sticky sweets
Taste the scriptures and you’ll find
It’s nourishment to you.

Best not eat it slowly for time just will not wait
Jesus is coming soon to sweep us off our feet
What could be more tasty than God’s own heavenly sweets?
Don’t delay the tasting - taste and see and eat.

Heavenly sweets are waiting
They simply are the best
Why don’t you put your faith in Jesus?
And taste them while you rest.

So taste and see the Lord is Good
Read God’s word - you know you should
He’ll save your soul - no time to wait
Don’t just settle for sticky ‘sweets’ – life’s ‘candy on a plate’