Our Society
      by Sue Seaman
“What is wrong with our society?”
People often shout
Tax, expense - they both increase
The people then cry out.

MPs and the Unions haven’t got a clue
For people who are in darkness don’t know what to do.
Social services, don’t do much to help things in our welfare state
It’s hardly surprising people are echoing their hate.

Then so many people starving in the third world, too
Whilst we go on feeding animals at wildlife parks and zoos.
Nothing makes any sense - people’s minds are all condensed
Getting into mounting debt
People earn their living but cry out “What the heck!”

Sickness and diseases growing like the plague
Jesus calling sinners and it’s those He wants save.
Some people worship idols, which rise above the stars
Homes and extensions, fashion, racy cars.

Nothing under heaven is new under the sun
Everything was planned by God when He the world begun.
God knew that we would sin, so He opened up the way
He sent His Son to die for us, what more is there to say?

People in this world so ‘free’ are the people who are lost
That is why we know that Jesus had to die upon the cross.
We need to love each other, a little give and take there too,
Love, embrace and get along, as Jesus told us to.

No matter what your colour, what race, what creed you say
All can come to Jesus - but on the narrow way.
Jesus calls us to repent and all that hear Him may,
This could be your opening - make this your special day.

Nothing under heaven surprises our dear Lord,
For He has beckoned people “Come” ever since the fall.
Have you heard the Saviour’s voice? Have you heard Him call?
Come out from this world’s torments people - one and all.