Nobody Loves Me/Street Pastors
        by Sue Seaman
“Nobody loves me” says the drunken youth.
“I’ve hatred in my heart and life - I don’t know what to do.”
Pastor looks into his eyes and comforts him - touches a shoulder with his hand;
“Jesus loves you, son - He wants to be your friend.”

“I’ve never had a happy life” says the youth, tears well up in his eyes.
“I’ve always wanted out of this, but come here every night.”
The seafront is a lively place, youths gather there like sheep,
But God has raised up pastors, as shepherds of the streets.

A girl is crying, broken hearted - thoughts of suicide,
Jesus loves you,” pastor says – but she’s black and blue inside.
“Come unto me” says Jesus. He’s calling out your name.
She wipes a tear, her makeup smeared, covering her shame.
She's listening to pastor - inside she knows it’s true,
But no-one ever told her that Jesus loved her too.

Young couple having a ‘lovers tiff’ by a shop way door.
Shouting at each other - would have ‘swiped’ each other
But for pastor – that’s for sure!

“Come to me,” says Jesus, “I know you are both depressed,
You have no home or money, but I can give you rest.”
Pastor draws near the couple and then he prays with them, too.
He comforts them “Come to Jesus now, for Jesus so loves you.”

For Jesus loves them dearly,
Their lives He has planned out.
Both will be accepted
His love turns lives about.

Last, (not least) a young man sniffing at some glue
He’s not worked in a long time, and this, the pastor knew.
“Jesus knows your sufferings – He has seen you every night,
Put your trust in Jesus, He’ll help you win this fight.”

The young man looks to pastor eyes filling up with tears,
He never knew that Jesus loved him through the pain of all these years.
But here was pastor, used by God, to tell him of His love,
And now this young man really knows that he is greatly loved.

All this young man needed, was to know and feel God’s love
So God sent Jesus to him through a man that God raised up.
That young man now had feelings he had never known before,
He cried to the Lord from his heart and opened up the door.

You may have experienced situations like this in your life. But there is a wonderful saviour who loves you.
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