Wired 4 Sound
- as retold by Sue Seaman -
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I'll always remember the day, whilst we were watching 'Top of the Pops' on the TV when my husband said "There's definitely something about that guy. I don't know what it is, but he's definitely got something."
He was referring to Cliff Richard.

It was many years later when Cliff spoke again to my husband. No, not personally - he has never met Cliff Richard - but through a song made famous by Cliff.

An evangelist from the midlands was visiting a local church. The evangelist's daughter and her husband sang before the message was preached. They sang a song called 'You know me better than I know myself' and the words of that song touched my husband and moved him. Following the Evangelist's preaching he gave his heart to Jesus.

You see, Jesus knows the end from the beginning, and He had used Cliff, through his witness and testimony, to save a soul.

You could say that my husband was 'wired for sound', the sound of the voice of Jesus, and received the good news of salvation through a faithful servant. Praise the Lord!

Simply through the words of song, in my husband's case, but we can hear the voice of the Lord Jesus calling us in all sorts of circumstances. And we can find the answers we are looking for. Listen in today.